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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Common writing issues that every dissertation writer should avoid

Master or PhD dissertation is a product of researcher’s hard work and dedication. It depicts the quality of work that has been performed by the researcher in all those years. But if, the dissertation stands not up to the mark, despite the tremendous and innovative work performed, the impact does not comes out. Researchers encounter problems in writing the dissertation with its true spirit by covering all the rules and guidelines of the language. Here are few of the important tips for the researchers to avoid common writing mistakes while writing a dissertation. 
1. In depth research
First thing that a research student should bore in mind that master or doctoral level dissertation requires more concentration, depth analysis and quality material. So, a researcher needs to have in depth research of all the contents used in writing a dissertation. Sometimes, an interesting topic takes away all the concentration and enthusiasm. A good in depth knowledge of the topic is necessary to make a dissertation mistakes free.

2. Start early

As some dissertations need a word count of 10,000 or more, an in time start of writing is necessary.You need to have many drafts before reaching the final shape of dissertation. Therefore, you need to start your work well on time to avoid the mistakes in haste.

3. Tangents

Relevance and sole focus are two of the highly significant qualities that your work should show. The entire lengthsand breadths of a dissertation can expose you to the dangers of falling into inconsequential matters and losing your grip of the ambitions driving your piece.

4. Lack of coherence
A primarily focused and well-aimed content can be destroyed by very poor coherence and lack of structure. Insertheadings and subheadings and comprehend the reason and aim of every chapter to ensure a rational and vivid depiction of notions, ideas and also the meaningful relationships between different passages of dissertation text.

5. Lack of professionalism
Systematic referencing, usage of all proper ancillary devices such as acknowledgements, appendicesand content pages: consider these aspects with grave attention to show your diligent andprofessional approach to your research work.

6. Keep it simple
Simple grammar and language usage leads to better understanding for all the readers. While writing dissertation, it must be noted that this will be read by students and professionals as well. Shun all the lengthy phrases, high frequency words, clich├ęs, and colloquial language in your dissertation. The ambiguous connotations and difficult vocabulary doesn’t always support a dissertation as it is difficult for the readers to understand the meaning of the sentences. So, always keep your dissertation writing simple and plain.

7. Plagiarism
Universities now use very professional and sophisticated anti-plagiarism software to check the copied content in the dissertations. So, never try to use someone else material in your dissertation unless referenced properly. The higher educational authorities and the university administrations themselves are sensitive about the plagiarism report. So, ensure that your original work is stated in the dissertation.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Why is Academic Performance so Important?

If a student is triumphed to achieve the specific educational goals, then it is called the academic performance of a student. The cumulative GPA of a student shows the academic performance of a student in a particular stage of the academic career. The most important ways to measure the academic performance of a student is to conduct the exams or to write the academic papers. There are many factors that can affect the academic performance of the students like environment, anxiety, and motivation. Here, we will discuss the importance of the academic performance.
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1) The best academic performance is helpful for us to get the better jobs. We have frequently seen that our forefathers with excellent academic performance are at the higher posts than the mediocre academic performance.

2) The students who have good academic performance have a high level of confidence and esteem. Due to this high level of confidence and esteem, they are less anxious and depressed than the people with the lowest academic performance. Moreover, they are not attracted towards the alcohol and they think that an alcohol is an abuse and fatal.

3) The parents who are actually involved in the studies of their children will see a positive result. Moreover, due to better academic performance, the students will be able to get admission in the best institutions.

4) The better academic performance is also helpful for the students to improve the reading, writing, research, and time management skills. Its reason is that if a student wants to get the best grades at any academic level, then it is necessary for him/her to perform well in the final exams. Moreover, it is also necessary for the students to write all the assignments that are allocated by the teachers in the best structure and format and try to submit these assignments before the deadline. This is possible only if you have impressive reading, writing, research, and time management skills.

5) The better performance throughout the academic career is also helpful for the students to enjoy the best professional career. Its reason is that as the best student, you have impressive planning and organizational skills and these skills are the keys to grow in your professional career.

6) No doubt, in the practical life, you will have to face a lot of difficulties and critical situations. If you have better academic performance, then you can also handle these types of situations in an effective way with the help of critical thinking, better decision, and conflict resolution.

7) The better academic performance is also helpful for us to lead a better life in the society. The better academic performance will provide you help to make the best economic as well as occupational decisions.

8) Nowadays, it is the era of specialization and for every post, specialized people are required. Moreover, there is also some substantial base of knowledge and specialized skills are required for every post. All of these things are possible only if you have good academic performance.

If you want to get academic performance, then it is mandatory for you to hire an Dissertation writing service.
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How to Prepare Yourself for the PhD Dissertation Defense

Preparing yourself for dissertation defense is a tough task as not every student is as confident or as outspoken and requires time to work on things. Dissertation defense is all about getting to know your paper in such a manner that you are ready to answer any question that arises regarding it.
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It is important to know that every defense is unique and it can be very unpredictable too as you can make your presentation or thesis as good as you want it to be and you cannot fully prepare yourself for the endless questions that might come your way because if you have written a 300 page thesis, the thesis committee can pick up any point and begin to question you on this. They will be at liberty to ask any type of question and ask you to explain what you mean by a particular point. Thus, it is important that you must be prepared to defend your dissertation very confidently and answer questions that you do not know much about.

This article is a guide as it helps you understand how you can prepare for PhD dissertation defense and how it will help you impress the teachers with your hard work and efforts as well as your quick thinking. 

Listen to other students defend their thesis

The best way to prepare for dissertation defense is to listen to others defending their thesis as it will give you an idea about what defense is actually all about and how you must conduct yourself when you are in front of the committee. Try and find out a thesis defense that relates to the topic of your dissertation so that you can prepare in a better way. The better you listen to what others have to say, the better ideas you will get that you can incorporate in your defense.

Ask your friends, family and other ask you questions

This is a good way to prepare as you can ask your friends or family to go through a part of the dissertation and ask you questions about it. As they are not related to the dissertation and do not know much about it, they will come up with unique questions that will give you an idea how the committee thinks and if they ask these questions, how will you answer them. Make sure that you are fully prepared and justify the question to do a good job later on too.

Go through the dissertation again and again to prepare better defense

The best way to prepare for the dissertation defense is to read and reread the dissertation so that you are able to understand everything you have write, why you have written it and how it makes sense and how it will make sense to the committee. This will give you a chance to come up with questions of your own and you should prepare the answers of these question for prepare better defense.

The better you go through the dissertation, the better understanding you will develop of the subject and its content and it will enable you to answer any question more confidently.
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Basics And Tips For Writing A Dissertation Paper

When you want to write a dissertation you are clearly near towards the important stage of your education. The main point of this article is to enhance your skills and capacity over research. If you want to write a dissertation you must write a proposal first.  The proposal is for the final dissertation project that enhances the interest of the person over different complex questions. The proposal is a shorter version of the dissertation but it is very important as you will get marks over it as well as information regarding the dissertation topic.
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Further one must know the problem they will going to solve with the help of the dissertation, why the problem is generated, what is the most possible and best solution to implement and how the research will be conducted. These all are the possible questions that a student must know before writing a dissertation on the desired topic. The student must make sure that they have chosen a unique set of ideas as well as brainstorm these ideas. It is not necessary to end up with many questions that would be difficult to answer.
The structure you may follow must include title of dissertation, objective (at least three objectives ), literature review including research work by different authors on your topic, research (where you may elaborate your topic and extract ideas as much as you can), methodology ( either you will extract data from questionnaires or with the help of interviews), outcomes ( explaining the outcomes you want to get from your research topic), time frame ( a particular schedule in which you want to work) and list of references (from where you get all of the data).
Further, one must have to do research and must make a timeline at each stage. One must understand the resources that they may need for research. Further students must read every instruction carefully regarding dissertation questions and elaborate them along with finding right places from where you may get the data.
In order to write a mind-blowing dissertation, one must make an outline of all chapters including headings and subheadings. In the first chapter that is introduction chapter write a background, statement of the problem, purpose and research questions. In the second chapter write literature review depending on different author’s study. In the third chapter that is methodology, one must focus on resources and the methods of implementation of the results.  Like if one is writing a qualitative dissertation, then they must expose the research questions, data collection, and analysis processes. If the dissertation is quantitative then one must focus on research questions, hypothesis, population sample, a collection of data and analysis. In the next chapter that is chapter four analyze the data collected from either qualitative or quantitative data collection method. In the last and final chapter that is chapter five state the summary of the all four chapters you have written previously and also add some recommendations.

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