Common writing issues that every dissertation writer should avoid

Master or PhD dissertation is a product of researcher’s hard work and dedication. It depicts the quality of work that has been performed by the researcher in all those years. But if, the dissertation stands not up to the mark, despite the tremendous and innovative work performed, the impact does not comes out. Researchers encounter problems in writing the dissertation with its true spirit by covering all the rules and guidelines of the language. Here are few of the important tips for the researchers to avoid common writing mistakes while writing a dissertation. 
1. In depth research
First thing that a research student should bore in mind that master or doctoral level dissertation requires more concentration, depth analysis and quality material. So, a researcher needs to have in depth research of all the contents used in writing a dissertation. Sometimes, an interesting topic takes away all the concentration and enthusiasm. A good in depth knowledge of the topic is necessary to make a dissertation mistakes free.

2. Start early

As some dissertations need a word count of 10,000 or more, an in time start of writing is necessary.You need to have many drafts before reaching the final shape of dissertation. Therefore, you need to start your work well on time to avoid the mistakes in haste.

3. Tangents

Relevance and sole focus are two of the highly significant qualities that your work should show. The entire lengthsand breadths of a dissertation can expose you to the dangers of falling into inconsequential matters and losing your grip of the ambitions driving your piece.

4. Lack of coherence
A primarily focused and well-aimed content can be destroyed by very poor coherence and lack of structure. Insertheadings and subheadings and comprehend the reason and aim of every chapter to ensure a rational and vivid depiction of notions, ideas and also the meaningful relationships between different passages of dissertation text.

5. Lack of professionalism
Systematic referencing, usage of all proper ancillary devices such as acknowledgements, appendicesand content pages: consider these aspects with grave attention to show your diligent andprofessional approach to your research work.

6. Keep it simple
Simple grammar and language usage leads to better understanding for all the readers. While writing dissertation, it must be noted that this will be read by students and professionals as well. Shun all the lengthy phrases, high frequency words, clich├ęs, and colloquial language in your dissertation. The ambiguous connotations and difficult vocabulary doesn’t always support a dissertation as it is difficult for the readers to understand the meaning of the sentences. So, always keep your dissertation writing simple and plain.

7. Plagiarism
Universities now use very professional and sophisticated anti-plagiarism software to check the copied content in the dissertations. So, never try to use someone else material in your dissertation unless referenced properly. The higher educational authorities and the university administrations themselves are sensitive about the plagiarism report. So, ensure that your original work is stated in the dissertation.

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