Explore Possible Causes Of Child Labor And How To Prevent It

Child Labor
The employment of children which deprive them of their childhood and education is known as child labour. Lots of international organizations are working for the prevention of child labour. In the 19th and 20th centuries, five to fourteen aged children of poorer families in Europe work with their parents. Due to the rise in income, availability of the best educational facilities and child labour laws, this ratio has become very lower. We can still observe the violation of child labour laws in the poorer countries of the world. Here, experts in masters dissertation writing services will discuss the possible causes of child labour and possible ways to prevent child labour.

Possible Causes of Child Labour: Child labour is very common all around the world. Eight to sixteen aged children are working in the fields, offices and shops etc. The possible causes of child labour are explained below;
  • The most common cause of child labour all around the world is poverty and the problems relevant to poverty. According to a survey, more than 90% of children are working to support their families.
  • The second main cause of poverty all around the world is a cultural value. In most of the poorer countries, the parents encourage their children to learn some working skills rather than education. Its reason is that the parents consider that their children are their assets to generate some extra revenue during their poverty.
  • The educational problems are also some causes of child labour in various countries. The main educational problems are the distance from the school, lower quality of education, and educational expenditures. Moreover, most of the children don’t have enough access to free education.
  • As we know that there are different laws against child labour. Due to the inadequate enforcement of these laws, we can also observe some child labour issues.

Tips to Prevent Child Labour:
There are lots of consequences of child labour. We should try to eradicate it from our society. Some essential tips to prevent child labour are given below;
  • The first step to prevent child labour from society is to educate the society. After educating it, you should try to share your experiences with your friends, family and other members of society.
  • We should contact the retailers, and manufacturers and importers and request them don’t sell those products and services which involve child labour.
  • We should try to buy such products which are trade free. For this reason, we should ensure that these companies have fair trade certificates. Its reason is that the companies which have fair trade certificates don’t support child labour.
  • We should try to buy vegetables and fruits from our local farmers and try to support them.
  • There are some reputable groups which are working against child labour. We should try to support these groups with our money and time.
  • We should also try to contact the local, regional and national legislators and try to force them to implement laws against child labour in the country.

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