Different Ways of Assessments and Their Effectiveness

Ways of Assessments
We are all aware of the conventional and traditional method of assessment where the students are being seated with mixed grade students and are given a question paper to solve. They had two types, one was objectives where the students filled answers in the same sheet and other where they read questions and answered them on a lined sheet, and we all have done that. There are assignment writing services to help them. But gladly with time, these memory tests have been replaced by actual assessments and there are a number of ways where students are assessed on their knowledge instead of memorizing books word to word and wrote exactly what teacher taught you to.

Some of these assessments are based on general questions with respect to current politics, or they can be only in relevance to your specific subjects, and you need to come up with your own answers with your own imagination, and you are encouraged to write how you want to answer the given question. This kind of exam and academic work has little to do with memory and lots to do with assessing the capability of the student. Students seem to enjoy their assessment when they are motivated to write what could be the solution to the given problem in their opinion.

Another method is the open book exam, this exam gives student a question, a time frame and allows students to take help from the book and study material. This kind of exam teaches students to work on a given problem in a given time frame, and even this exam needs prior preparation and study. Because one is given a limited time, he learns to solve problems within a limited time with the limited resources available and come up with their own solution to complete their professional degree. And he needs to know where to find the related content and he has no time to go through the entire book to look for the answer.

He needs to be prepared and he needs to know which chapter is found where in the book, so even open book exam needs preparation and teaches problem solving in limited time and with limited resources. Next are the tests that determine your capability through written questions and the answers are to be chosen from the given options. Those exams and questions are particularly designed for each and every student. These kinds of assessments are taken for university admissions. They take less time and have no study guidelines, so the students are completely dependent on their knowledge relevant to the subject they are appearing in exam for.

This kind of assessment assess you and your capability for online graduate degree program. It tells you where you stand when you have not studied anything and have not done any preparation, it is basically who you are. The least favorite of all assessment are the first type which are basically memory tests and has nothing to do with the capability of the student and how good they are at problem solving, there is no creativity involved. And has basically no use.

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