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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Common writing issues that every dissertation writer should avoid

Master or PhD dissertation is a product of researcher’s hard work and dedication. It depicts the quality of work that has been performed by the researcher in all those years. But if, the dissertation stands not up to the mark, despite the tremendous and innovative work performed, the impact does not comes out. Researchers encounter problems in writing the dissertation with its true spirit by covering all the rules and guidelines of the language. Here are few of the important tips for the researchers to avoid common writing mistakes while writing a dissertation. 
1. In depth research
First thing that a research student should bore in mind that master or doctoral level dissertation requires more concentration, depth analysis and quality material. So, a researcher needs to have in depth research of all the contents used in writing a dissertation. Sometimes, an interesting topic takes away all the concentration and enthusiasm. A good in depth knowledge of the topic is necessary to make a dissertation mistakes free.

2. Start early

As some dissertations need a word count of 10,000 or more, an in time start of writing is necessary.You need to have many drafts before reaching the final shape of dissertation. Therefore, you need to start your work well on time to avoid the mistakes in haste.

3. Tangents

Relevance and sole focus are two of the highly significant qualities that your work should show. The entire lengthsand breadths of a dissertation can expose you to the dangers of falling into inconsequential matters and losing your grip of the ambitions driving your piece.

4. Lack of coherence
A primarily focused and well-aimed content can be destroyed by very poor coherence and lack of structure. Insertheadings and subheadings and comprehend the reason and aim of every chapter to ensure a rational and vivid depiction of notions, ideas and also the meaningful relationships between different passages of dissertation text.

5. Lack of professionalism
Systematic referencing, usage of all proper ancillary devices such as acknowledgements, appendicesand content pages: consider these aspects with grave attention to show your diligent andprofessional approach to your research work.

6. Keep it simple
Simple grammar and language usage leads to better understanding for all the readers. While writing dissertation, it must be noted that this will be read by students and professionals as well. Shun all the lengthy phrases, high frequency words, clich├ęs, and colloquial language in your dissertation. The ambiguous connotations and difficult vocabulary doesn’t always support a dissertation as it is difficult for the readers to understand the meaning of the sentences. So, always keep your dissertation writing simple and plain.

7. Plagiarism
Universities now use very professional and sophisticated anti-plagiarism software to check the copied content in the dissertations. So, never try to use someone else material in your dissertation unless referenced properly. The higher educational authorities and the university administrations themselves are sensitive about the plagiarism report. So, ensure that your original work is stated in the dissertation.
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

10 tools and apps that every student must be aware with to get help in completing their assignments

These are days of smartphones and gadgets. The life of the normal high school a student is not in the classes only. The connection with the peer and the friend is not enough. There are many sources for learning for the high school students. One of the main facts that need to be mentioned here is that the connection between high school students and the internet is becoming stronger. In these cases there are many smartphone based apps and tools that help the students with their homework and assignment. These are enlisted and briefed as follows;
1. The chemical touch is the app of chemistry subject. The touch sensitive application lets the student have more fun with chemistry. The app lets the students learn more about the elements in the periodic table, as their physical and chemical properties.

2. The second important app is Essentials by Accela Study. This is one of the main app that helps the students in learning foreign languages. There are many flashcards that are available that help the stud set in learning more.

3. Evernote peek is the app with the help of which thestudents can save time in making flashcards. Making flashcards is one main task that takes a great deal of time of the students.

4. Frog dissection is one of the most useful app for the science students. It has been seen that the frog dissection is one of the main elements of the biology subject in the high school. One of the main advantage of the app is that there is no need of the formaldehyde to see the dissected frog. The dissection of frog in the real biology class is undoubtedly a great mess. However, this app makes it fun.

5. For the mathstudents, the graphing calculator is a great app. This is the app thathelps the students in learning more about the graphs. The graphing calculator is one of the maijn apps with the help of which the calculus homework becomes much easier. One of the main advantage of the graph is that it can help in plotting multiple equations on the same graph. On the other hand, it has been seen that the pictures and the screenshots of the graphs can be emailed so one can deal with them or use them later.

6. Other than the apps, one of the most important internet based tool that can be used by the student is Google. It is one of the best search engines on the internet. The biggest help in the assignments comes from the additional research feature on Google Docs.

7. The academic and the financial realms can be solved with the help of One of the main advantage of the app is that the books can be rented on the per semester basis for the students.

8. Troll is one of the main tool with the help of which the group based projects can be better organized.
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Top 20 Computer Engineering Dissertation Topics

The field of the computer that deals with the development of different hardware and software by combining the different fields of electrical engineering as well as computer science is known as computer engineering. A computer engineer has enough knowledge about the microcontrollers, different circuit designs, all kinds of the computers, and microprocessors. The speciality areas in the computer engineering are Coding, protection of the different kinds of information, different kinds of the compilers, different kinds of the operating systems, VLSI designs, and different kinds of the integrated circuits. If you want to get the computer engineering degree at the university level, then it is an unavoidable thing for you to write a dissertation. The first step to write a computer engineering dissertation is to select an interesting topic. If you are not able to find out an interesting topic for your computer engineering dissertation, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. Here, we will provide a list of top 10 computer engineering dissertation topic ideas.
1) How to formulate a virtual classroom of our own choice?

2) What are the possible ways to hunt down the viruses from your computer?

3) How to create an email security system for your business?

4) How to make a billing system for the small as well as for the large retailing outlets?

5) What is the possible way to create a contact tracking system for a call centre?

6) How to make an exchange system for the currencies of different countries?

7) How to make a security system to secure your business like an ATM machine?

8) Can you make a computerized system for the web mining?

9) How to secure the data in the different kinds of the hotels at the different places?

10) How to make a security system for a car showroom?

11) How to make an online attendance system for the different classrooms at the same school, college or university?

12) What are the possible ways to upgrade the depositing system of a bank?

13) How to make an information system for the different students of the liberal arts?

14) How to make a Practice Swarm Optimization?

15) What is the role of the different types of the web-based applications in order to enhance the different services in the bank?

16) How to design an operating system with the high speed?

17) What are LEDs and how to control the intensity of the light in different kinds of the LEDs?

18) What is the purpose of the carbon credits and how to generate the different kinds of the carbon credits for the different organizations?

19) What are the possible ways to improve the outputs of the supply chain management with the help of creating different applications?

20) What are the electric vehicle technologies and what are the possible trends and challenges in these technologies?

You should also try to select an interesting topic for your computer engineering dissertation in a similar way. The best way to select an interesting topic is to conduct an effective research.
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